What are the main questions that need to ask from website designer and developer?

Every day thousands of people take their business online and generate business. There are many questions need to ask after designing and developing your website:

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what I expect from a website: Before designing and developing a website it is very important to know what exactly you want from your website. Many people develop the website with the aim of creating a bridge between your customer and yourself and some design for generating leads and the designing of the website will be designed according to the need of the website.

How much your website cost me: it is very important to know the cost that you will bare while designing and developing the website. For efficient, professional look of the website, it is not always necessary to pay more. Ask the designer if they can offer a hosting along with the designs that save your time and money too.

What will be your website address name: Address name plays a very important role as it helps in grabbing the attention of the targeted audience. Always go for the name that is short, easy to remember and unique.

What is the time period taken to design your website: This is very important to as the website developer about the time taken to design the site. How many pages will be designed, what will be the time period taken, what will be the design and layout are some of the elements that you need to know before selecting any web designing company.

How long will it take to discover your site by the public:  just designing and developing a website is not enough but getting it listed online also plays a very important role. There are some Search Engine submission services out there that are great, and there are some that aren’t. I suggest you ask your designer if they submit your site to search engines automatically or if there is a small fee for this? Is their submission once or repeated over a period of time? Simply submitting will not guarantee you the top spot on the search engines; especially if you are in an already crowded field even if you pay the $300 fees some search engines charge.

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