Are your website is SEO Based? If not then follow these rules and develop it SEO based

It is very important for you to understand that a good, impressive and user friendly website is very important to accelerate your business online. If you really want to get the targeted audience then it is very important that your website should be SEO Friendly as well as user friendly then only you will able to get the leads and thus help in increasing revenue. There are some of the main elements that need to consider at the time of designing and developing a website:

website development

High quality content: A content in a website is very important element as through words only you can make client understand about your company and its services. Thus, it is very important that the content should be original, purposeful and correctly optimized.

Content length: you will be surprised to know that many website developers and designers are unaware about the length of the content. If you really want to increase your ranking then focus on important lengthy content. It is worth to remember that all the top ranking companies site have 900 + words of content per page.

Images and videos: Images and videos plays a very important role in any website. An attractive and impressive image says more than a single word. According to the research it is seen that web page with more images rank better. An average of 7 images help in making your web pages in top ranking.

Take care of Grammar and Spelling mistakes: Before publishing your content on website it is very important to read it twice. Hire an editor or proof reader who can do this work smartly. A poor grammar and spelling mistakes can create bad impact in front of your customers and google, yahoo and Bing might penalized you for the same.

Formatting: A well format content put a great impression on the customers and thus format your content accordingly. Use bold, italic fonts for important things and a content should be break up in paragraphs to maintain systematically.

Social Media Share: Last but not the least, it is very important that a website developer put an icons of social media on your site and also call- to- action for people to share.

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