What are the elements that should be consider at the time of developing website?

A good and impressive website plays a very important role in attracting customers and getting potential clients and thus it is very important to follow some points before developing a website:

website development
1.Domain Name: Before choosing domain name it is very important to do research and then finalized the name of your website. Choose the name that people remember well and able to gain attention of the potential clients.

2.Purpose: Before going for developing the website it is very important to clear your developer about the purpose of developing your website so that he will be able to develop it accordingly.

3.Layout and color: color affect the look of your site and thus layout should be clear and presentation should be appealing.

4.Site Map: Sitemap plays a very important role on the website. It not only help the client to navigate your company but also increase your site ranking in the google page.

5.Content: Relevant and good content not only help in attracting the clients but also help in increasing the traffic of the site. Avoid unnecessary content or too lengthy content because people don’t have a time to read such lengthy content.

6.Advertisement: Don’t put too much advertisement on your website. It is better to avoid advertisement on your site.

7.Avoid Pop Up messages: The most annoying factor is pop up messages that comes on the site. It is better to avoid them because it not only irritate the clients but also slow down loading time too.

8.Attractive design: Good website should be simple yet attractive that help in gaining the attention of the clients.

9.Background: You can choose from a clean look, colorful look or patterned background and design your website awesome.

10.Image: Choose the images carefully because sometimes picture speaks more than the words and thus it is very important to impose images that able to tell about your company and services.

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