How to create SEO based website?

If you want to make your present online then the first step that you need to do is designing a website. However, if we talk about SEO then it is very important to design SEO Based website so that it can help in increasing the traffic in the search engine. In the market, you will get an ample number of designers but it is very important to hire such designer that have knowledge of SEO and able to create SEO based website.


Here is the list of some common web designer sins that will make your site an SEO disaster and thus very important to avoid them:

•Rely on heavily Flash: Many designers believe that use of heavy flash on the site will make a site look cool but in terms of SEO heavily flash are a disaster. Simple HTML sites rank better with search engines.

•Few Internal links are enough: The use of internal links or back links are very important but at the same tie it is not always necessary to use a hyperlink to all other pages on the site.

•Anchor text is very important: Anchor text is very important for SEO and if it is missing then it can put bad impact on the ranking.

•Avoid messy codes: It is very important to check that the amount of code should not be excess and messy because messy code can create the problem of indexing and thus effect in ranking.

•Excess use of JavaScript: Javascript is also non-friendly for SEO. Actually, the worst with JavaScript is that if not coded properly, it is quite possible that because of the use of JavaScript your pages (or parts of them) are not spreadable which automatically means that they won’t be indexed.

•Avoid over optimization: It is better to avoid over optimization of the site because if your site is over optimize then it could get you banned from search engine and this is the worst that can happen to a site.

Thus, these are some of the elements that need to check while designing SEO based website.

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