Designing a website yourself? Avoid the 5 major mistakes while designing

Designing a website is not an easy task and is very time consuming as well as sometimes frustrating too. There are very minute things that need to be checked at the time of designing a website as even a minute mistake can corrupt your website and waste your time too. There are many things that should be consider while designing website that help in converting leads in the market and expand your business. Designing as well as content both should be in a proper balance and then only you can grab the attention of your clients. Following are the mistakes that should be avoided while designing the website:


1.Search box an important element: If your website is huge then it is very important to place search box so that user can type the information they want to search easily, instead of navigating the whole website.

2.Text presentation: Text presentation is the most important feature of the website. If your text is not presentable then no one will be interested in reading your content. A simple and professional looking font can also attract the user to read your content.

3.Organized content: It is very important to put the content in an organized manner. A readable, presentable, organized, categorized, and useful content is what very useful for the content. Use of proper paragraphs, bullets wherever needed, subheads, titles, keywords, and space should be done efficiently.

4.Bad Navigation: It is very important that the user can navigate your website properly from the first page to the end of the page. If your website is not properly navigated then the user will get frustrated and will switch to your competitor rather than yours.

5.Complicated Forms: Make your website simple and easy to navigate because no one has time to navigate complicated website.  It has to be just that much what is necessary. Color combination should be properly balanced and designs should be properly animated to attract the user.



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